Early Intervention : The Child At A Year Age

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There are many feelings that a parent will experience in handling a diagnosis of developmental delayed child. After dealing, with their personal feelings about the many issues that will have to be addressed. The parents have to develop a plan of action for their child that should involve early intervention, understanding educational programs/ services offered in their community, and transitional programs that will help prepare the child for life. Not to mention, “Parents acquired more information, their concerns decreased, their satisfaction increased, and they demonstrated an ability to transfer their learning to new situations.”(Reio & Fornes, p.54 2011). Parents will have to cultivate a train of thought for their child success in school and life. In addition, understanding that support is available for the child at a year age. Early intervention programs are designated to help children reach the established the age appropriate educational standards. Early intervention helps parents get a clear understanding of educational programs will be like for children that have disabilities in today’s society. Most importantly it is about forming a relationship with the parents and helping them feel supported in the learning process of their child. “A true team approach is created where parents and EI providers develop interventions to promote the child’s development” (Konstantina et al., p.60, 2014). This the first step in providing guidance for the child in the many educational…
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