Early Jamestown : Why Did So Many Colonist Die?

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Early Jamestown: Why did so many Colonist Die? Essay From the DBQ and the video that I watched, read, and analyzed. I concluded all the theories, ways and facts of how and what killed so many of the colonist and this is my essay that includes all my research. On December 1606 the ship set sail from London to find hope, prosperity, and a new life in the New World, not realizing that this task would contain much endurance and perseverance. For they do not see the that there will be a plethora of difficulties to face such as starvation, dehydration, and disease which will lead to their inevitable death. This place is where death lurks and an extreme test against their physical and mental strengths to the absolute wits end that the human body…show more content…
Dehydration: (Theory 2) With more information that is given in the DBQ pamphlet and information online, I have been able to conjure up another theory to this cause of death. My theory consist of several different questions and answers, and lets not forget research. Now many reasons for dehydration was the water. The salt content of the water. Salt literally sucks the water out of your veins and organs. First of all the James river led to the ocean… that is where the salt from the salt water came from, when it mixed with the fresh water. Therefore, when they drank it, their salt intake was extremely high. The water in the James river is 0.5 parts/thousand salt to fresh water. They had to know that the water was salt because you can taste it. But they had practical knowledge and I think they knew they were parched, but didn’t know that the salt would dehydrate them. That is my reason to believe that they died from dehydration. Dehydration: (Reason 1) The reason saltwater dehydrates you is because of the salt intake. Your body can only hold so much salt. So the way it gets rid of it is by… you guessed it. Urination! Nasty I know. But when you take in excessive amounts of salt, your body has to get rid of it through the process of urination. So everytime you drink salt water it causes you to urinate more than you drink. So when you lose more than you take in, you dehydrate yourself to the point until you eventually perish. And that is the reason you die from dehydration
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