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Early Learning

The purpose of this research paper is to investigate the issue of Preschool to determine if children who participate in structured preschool programs are more successful in kindergarten or first grade.

There are a few types of preschool programs. First there are structured preschool programs that focus on emphasizing an actual school setting and classroom activities in order to prepare the child for kindergarten or first grade. There are also day care centers, which are not as structured as preschool centers. Daycare’s focus mainly on child’s development through social interaction with children and caregivers. Then there are head start programs that are geared to give children a foot in the right direction in order
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This quote pretty much means that physical, emotional and intellectual growth all go hand in hand and one nor the other is more important. Each type of growth needs the other in order to produce a healthy growing child.

Brain development and activity is a very important part of early learning. Preschools and early learning centers should know this and center their direction on the brains ability to develop. At birth, the infant’s brain has 100 billion nerve cells, or neurons will grow and connect with other neurons in systems that control various functions like seeing, hearing, moving, and expressing emotion. These systems, activated by repeated experiences, provide the foundation for the brain’s organization and functioning throughout life. The absence of appropriate activation results in the lack of development of the disappearance of these connections (Child’s brain development, 2002). Relationships with other people early in life are the major source of development of the emotional and social parts of the brain (Principals of brain development, 2002).

Some areas that help determine a child’s abilities and readiness for kindergarten and first grade include: letter identification, phonetic identification, word identification, story comprehension and general number identification (Test of Kindergarten/First grade readiness skill,
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