Early Life Of Muhammad Research Paper

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Mohammed was born in 570 AD in Mecca, Arabia. When he was a young boy, his parents died, and his uncle raised him as a trader and camel driver. He gained the reputation of an honest, hard-working man in his business. As a result, he provided services for a prominent upper-class entrepreneur. Eventually, he married a wealthy businesswoman. After his marriage, he spent his time thinking about philosophy, religion, and prayer. The people living in Mecca worshiped idols they had fashioned with their hands. He thought this approach to religion was futile. Christianity and the Jewish religion intrigued him because they worshiped one God. All his thoughts confused him. He spent more of his time alone meditating and praying that one of the gods would reveal the true religion to him. One day, when he was meditating in a cave, he saw a vision of the angel Gabriel. The angel told him that Allah, the god he had been looking for, had appointed him as a messenger to his people.…show more content…
In 622, the leaders of Mecca were concerned about the following Mohammed was gathering, and so they plotted to kill him. Mohammed, when he learned of the plot, fled to Medina. This flight marked the beginning of the Muslim people and Islamic religion. This works-based religion requires its followers to subscribe to five basic tenants: 1) Each Muslim must believe that Allah is the one true God; 2) Each Muslim must pray to Allah five times a day; 3) Muslims must give away part of their money each year to the poor; 4) During one month of the year, Ramadan, Muslins can not eat while the sun is shining. 5) Each Muslim should go to Mecca at least once during his lifetime. The followers of the Muslim religion believe that if they keep each of these tenants they will get to
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