Early Literacy Experiences

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A brain is a wonderful thing to have. Why waste it? Well, research shows that reading makes you smarter. Although you may not notice but you read every day. From little things like a stop sign to a chapter book or your homework. Reading has an effect on your grades and your IQ. Scientist have proven on different test subjects or even identical twins that the ones who don’t read that often have a lower grade level then the person who does read often.
According to Teach Reading early, “In the first six years, children learn at a much faster pace than at any other time in their lives.” This shows how if you teach your kid how to read in the first six years that’s when they can actually develop in reading and have a higher grade level then kids
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Basically they’d rather do anything than read a book. When teachers are doing an assignment with them and it is about reading, they mumble under their breath. For example, the state test, kids hate the reading part of the test. They most likely read the first paragraph and then skip the rest of the story and go straight to the questions. But since they didn’t read the whole story they won’t know the answers and then they will just guess the answers. According to the lasting effects of early literacy experiences, “Americans are spending less time reading” this shows that we Americans don’t read that much and we need to start reading more. Spending less time reading is a big deal but reading more is not a big…show more content…
She was reading Shakespeare at the age of 4. Many people were amused on how early she was reading big complicated books. All though she didn’t comprehend the book very well she liked to bring it to dinner parties that her parents went to. She would go and sit down in a corner and start to read. Many parents would come over to her and complement about how young she’s reading Shakespeare at. When all the parents left her she’d take out her crayons and color in the margins. Now when she goes to the library to check out books she notices some kids looking at picture books. Their parents would talk loudly so everyone else would hear. They would say things like, “oh remember you don’t like those books” or “ you’re too old for those books” they’d say this because they didn’t want people to think their child have a learning development
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