Early Literacy Instruction Essay

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Literacy Instruction in Early Childhood
In the past, the importance of the experiences children have throughout early childhood were often overlooked (Paulson et al., 2004) Now, evolving into literacy as a focus in a young learner’s world in order to allow them to develop the skills necessary to be successful in the future. The key component of literacy instruction in early childhood, it the use of variety. To meet the differing needs present in the classroom, a variety of instructional strategies and learning opportunities must be utilized. This idea is known as differentiated literacy instruction.
Classroom Environment
Theme related vocabulary and literacy-rich learning centers, along with opportunities for young learners are able to develop their literacy skills through play, singing songs, listening to stories, and creating through themed art and writing activities (Lesley, 2004).
Meaningful materials. Having a literacy rich environment promotes reading readiness (Tobin and McInnis, 2008). A literacy rich classroom is full of leveled
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Effective literacy instruction in early childhood is not a designated 15-minute portion of the daily schedule, rather instruction in which is embedded throughout the entire school day. Educators should not just provide literacy instruction during the obvious portions of the day. Using meaningful instructional materials during transitions and other unconventional portions of the day, allow for literacy instruction to be seamless throughout the day. For example, in a study conduced on providing literacy instruction professional development, teachers were encouraged to implemented literacy activities during snack time ((Lesley, 2004). In the past, snack time was commonly utilized as simply an instructional break for students to socialize with peers. Mixing literacy instruction with engaging songs about letters or table conversations around a book being read allow students to learn literacy skills in a fun
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