Early Marriage

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Early marriage is one of the most controversial topics nowadays, that 's basically the main reason we decided to choose this topic. personally we are very passionate about this topic for many different reason but mostly importantly is because in our Muslim/Arab society early marriage is something very common. which we find is something not very common in the rest of the world. the aim of this assignment is to show the different point of views regarding early marriage and why some people agree with it and others don 't. also we want to show why is this topic so sensitive and controversial in our society. we will be discussing the reasons behind early marriage and why people agree and disagree with it and that will be
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* Denial of personal development and education. * Maturity levels become an issue as the little girl is now expected to play the role of a mother. * Girl children undergo severe health problems like pregnancy and childbirth. * Girl brides are also involved in early childhood care. * Threat to contracting sexually transmitted diseases increases when girl children are exposed to such an environment. * As girl children are still vulnerable and submissive, they can be subject to the atrocities of domestic violence and abandonment. * Mental and emotional stress in girl brides is high because they are not old enough to cope with maternal, marital or in law issues.


if we did this assignment 20-30 years ago opinions would 've been so different, but because of media and education our point of views and people 's point of views changed so much especially in our Arab societies, girls now have their own careers and are independent and can make their own decision however we can 't deny that also a lot of girls are still have that old mentality because of the reasons mentioned above, money, family and pressure from society. though our government and society is doing much to abolish early or child marriage through campaigns, laws, policies and individual support of people, it is still a far reaching dream for young girls who are still repeatedly forced into such liaisons.
Early marriages have stretched far and
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