Early Moblization

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Early Mobilization in ICU Care Coordination Sary Valles Farmingdale State Collage October 9, 2014 Early Mobilization in ICU Care Coordination The situation of Length of Stay (LOS) is a complex issue of the healthcare environment. Each patient requires the effort of many different resources-both people and equipment- before they are clinically fit to go home or more to the next stage of their healthcare journey. Failure to coordinate and synchronize resources across the entire patient journey results in a major loss of optimal care for the patient as well as wasted expense. For the patient the consequences of this delay can be dire. One solution to this growing epidemic is being initiated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at…show more content…
Many of the nurses are intimidated at the idea of ambulating vent-depended patients. The fear of harming the patients is a justifiable concern that many of the staff ICU nurses have. Reeducation and supplying safe adequate staff will encourage a change in the culture in the ICU. Part Five of the algorithm was the goal of early mobilization. This part identified the specific progression of patients’ goals and developing an individual mobility care of plan. Encouraging family members to mobilize the patient when appropriate will aid in the progression of the patients goal. The six and finally part of the algorithm details the implementation of early mobilization. Based on the implementation of the algorithm, mobility must be scaled and be progressive. Mobility is the responsibility of all team members including patients and family. ICUs are complex systems which may be inadequate to support needed changes. Teamwork and collaboration in the ICU often is non-existent between disciplines. To effect change, needed cooperation of multiple disciplines, including physicians, nurses, respiratory therapist, and physical therapist are required. Sense of urgency needs to be established for patients in need of early mobilization. Successful transformation requires a guiding coalition of multiple disciplines who share a commitment to change. Limited staffing and safety concerns continue to be a barrier of early mobilization in the ICU. Creating a vision which includes

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