Early Nutrition Intervention Research Paper

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Studies depict that cancer patients particularly with the canal (GI) or head and neck area cancer ar malnourished. Weight loss and poor nutritionary status are also common in these patients. this may result in negative outcomes throughout treatment. Cancer patients become additional vulnerable as their risk of infections, health care price and toxicity of treatment are going to be increased. It decreases response to treatment, quality of life (QoL) and life expectancy. These nutritional challenges considerably increase morbidity and mortality in these patients, and severe cases can cause cancer cachexia. Early nutrition screening and intervention are very important in these patients to assist and forestall this nutritional decline. If you have cancer, healthy intake is even more vital throughout treatment.…show more content…
research has demonstrated that early nutrition intervention, including oral nutritional supplementation, improves outcomes in cancer patients, together with nutritional status, weight, treatment tolerance, and quality of life. A multidisciplinary approach among all health care professionals concerned in cancer care is necessary to spot at-risk patients early in the process and provide the suitable and effective nutritional interventions. Nutrition and nutritional status have a central position within the concept of health and welfare for several patients and caregivers, and weight loss and inadequate nutritional intake will result in anxiety and
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