Early Onset of Ahzheimer's in Adulthood Essay examples

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Alzheimer’s disease affects the lives of over 5 million Americans today. The cost that it has placed on the U.S is a staggering $203 million dollars. Researchers have reported that those numbers are expected to triple by 2050. However draining that this disease may seem, the real question is whether there is a solution. To this day there is still no cure to stop or even slow down th progression of the brain disease but there are treatments that help cover the symptoms. While the majority of the people who suffer from Alzheimer is generally over the age of 65, about 200,000, of the estimated 5 million, are in the age range of 30-40. First off the list is the impending question; what is Alzheimer’s? In short, Alzheimer’s is a degenerative,…show more content…
While aluminum has been to be a neurotoxin, the fact that it could be a cause of Alzheimer becomes evident in the case of a 58 year-old Caucasian male who worked with the preparation of a material, "DARMATT KM1 that was used as insulation in the nuclear fuel and space industries"(Exley, 2). This indicates that he was exposed to " aluminum sulphate 'dust' ona daily basis over 8 years." The Caucasian male eventually died at the age of 66, after multiple complaints of "headaches, tiredness and mouth ulcers." This man's frontal lobe was then cut into fifty pieces each weighing approximately 300mg, this sample confirmed that this man had a extremely high dosage of aluminum in his frontal lobe alone and while it does not prove that it caused Alzheimer's to appear it does indicate that aluminum was highly likely to have contributed to the rapid progression of the disease. There have been many more theories as to what causes the degenerative disease; Oxidative stress which occurs when the body creates too many free radical and their is an imbalance of available antioxidants then damage can occur. Amyloid Proteins can also be named for contributing to the growth of Alzheimer's, such proteins as AB, tau, and oligomers can be "the real culprit in the neurotoxicity that is the characteristic of AD' (Shan 35). Clear indicators that one has Alzheimer's disease is the inability to
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