Early Pregnancy Among Adolescent Females With Serious Emotional Disturbances

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Purpose: The article “Early Pregnancy among Adolescent Females with Serious Emotional Disturbances: Risk Factors and Outcomes” suggest that teenage pregnancy has many disadvantages that affect the child, mother, and society as a whole. Adolescents who have children early are less likely to provide adequately for their children, more likely to drop out of school, and receive assistance from the government (Yampolsya, Brown, & Greenban, 2002). Yampolsya et al., (2002) hypothesized that risk factors are greater for adolescents with serious emotional disturbances than those without. There are two purposes the study aims to investigate. The first purpose was to investigate certain risk factors to determine if they are associated with teen pregnancy. The risk factors include sociodemographic characteristics, psychological characteristics, and psychopathology. The second purpose was to examine the outcomes for teen mothers with serious emotional disturbances. The outcomes were defined as the participant’s employment status, house hold income, receipt of public assistance, living arrangements and marital status. Yampolsya et al., (2002) suggests that determining the risk factors will allow more focus on high risk groups and the development of prevention programs.

The experiment was a correlation study that investigated 190 females between the ages of nine to eighteen with serious emotional disturbances. Longitudinal data was collected from the National Adolescent Child…
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