Early Puberty And Childhood Social And Behavioral Adjustment

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My research focuses primarily on Early Puberty and Childhood Social and Behavioral Adjustment. Early puberty has been connected to increased rates of mental health problems in adolescence. However, despite previous studies starting after the initiation of puberty being unable to explore whether early puberty is leading to higher rates of these problems. Puberty marks a changeover in mental health, with the differences in predominance rate and sex ratios of mental and behavioral disorders after the pubertal transition. Early puberty is connected to a growth risk for consecutive mental health and behavioral problems. There has been different studies to find that early or late onset of puberty is correlated with mental health and behavioral problems. In a national study, it was determined whether complication in behavior and psychological adjustment were evident before and during the early pubertal transition. In the national sample, children with earlier puberty had poorer mental health from preschool to early adolescence. The younger boys had behavior difficulties and poorer psychosocial adjustment and for girls, it was poorer psychosocial adjustment. There were reasons why early puberty could boost vulnerability to younger mental health problems. Pubertal timing is possibly the result of both genetic and environmental factors. There have been assumptions made regarding the differences in mental health that could have been seen before the onset of early puberty. In this
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