Early Readmissions

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Early rehospitalizations of patients in various disease states have been well studied in recent years. Research in this area has increased since the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) made readmissions within thirty (30) days a major quality indicator for health care organizations. These admits consume a considerable amount of health care costs and interventions are needed that are aimed at reducing risks associated with rehospitalization (Hain, Tappen, Diaz, & Ouslander, 2012). Early readmissions in those with decompensated cirrhosis are costly, partially preventable, and linked to worse patient outcomes (Volk, Tocco, Bazick, Rakowski, & Lok, 2012). Developing specific disease oriented interventions can help decrease morbidity…show more content…
It is a chronic disease that is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity across the world and over forty thousand (40,000) deaths each year in the United States are attributed to cirrhosis complications. Decompensated cirrhosis is a complex multisystem disorder and is characterized by malnutrition, multi-organ failure, and impaired immunity, which presents significant challenges to health care providers (Bird, Ramachandran, & Thomson, 2015). The period immediately following hospital discharge is a sensitive one as these patients often are on new medications or have changes in existing medications, are deconditioned, and/or have acquired new diagnoses One study showed that out of one hundred sixty-five (165) readmissions that occurred within thirty (30) days of discharge, twenty-two percent (22%) of them were possibly preventable. Thirty (30) day hospital readmission rates are commonly used as quality measures of a hospital (Berman, Tandra, Forssell, Vuppalanchi, Burton, Nguyen, Mullis, Kwo, & Chalasani, 2011). There are unfavorable consequences to the health care system, as well as the patients. Patients may lose confidence in the system and their providers. The burden of cost and duplicity of services is taken into account in light of the fact that a meaningful portion of these readmits can be prevented before discharge. A study conducted to examine the relationship between rehospitalizations within thirty (30) days and mortality at ninety (90) days showed liver disease patients had a thirteen percent (13%) ninety (90) day mortality rate. The disease process of cirrhosis and its complications can be overwhelming for patients and those that are involved in their care. They contend with having medications being adjusted frequently and, on occasion, conflicting advice
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