Early Signs Of A Progressive Dementia

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The early signs of a progressive dementia often bring discord to families, because siblings disagree on what is really wrong and chalk up the changes they are seeing to depression, boredom, a recent illness or even “allergies”. One of the family members usually suspects something like “Alzheimer’s” but the other disagree thus diagnosis is delayed.
Early dementia is also known as MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment) and only about half of those with this diagnosis move on to one of the more progressive dementias. So, it is understandable that some in a family might say – “Grandma was just like Dad.” “But, she was able to take care of herself till she was 85.”
The importance of early diagnosis is three fold: 1) Allows the person with a progressive illness to be more involved with the planning for the future. 2) Allows the AD person to participate in drug studies and/or to take medications that extend the functionality for activities of daily living. 3) Helps the primary care givers to plan for the future so they are not always wondering what will happen – they then can start planning for sharing the care, cost of care and legal documents that will be needed.
If your family member is younger and you have not sought a diagnosis it is sometimes a good idea to seek Long Term Insurance before the diagnosis because would most often a dementia diagnosis would prohibit that individual from qualifying.
Dementia itself is a more global impairment not just in memory, but in the…
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