Early Slavery; Middle Passage, and Other.

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September 16, 2012 Answered Questions 1. Thomas Phillips attitude toward the black Africans reflect pity. It’s not their fault that their climate and area have made their pigment of their skin black. The only reason it’s such a big deal is because their different characteristics from the white people. He doesn’t believe that white people’s skin color is superior, but since society thinks that it’s favorable to them; that’s where their superiority complex comes from over the skin color. The Africans perceived the Europeans as the Satan. They came and uprooted them from their own country; the only place they’ve ever known. They were not asked to leave but forced too and majority of them had no
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That’s what I believe what Thomas Phillips did.

Answered Questions 1. The major themes of equiano’s narrative are oppression and the will to survive. These could be incorporated into a general anti-slavery appeal because these were some of the main things slaves dealt with. In order to make an anti-slavery appeal it needs to be something not particularly good to get to people to notice and look into so they can understand the harsh conditions these people went through and help stop this terrible thing from happening anymore. Equiano intended this for all people because everybody needed to know what underwent on these voyages. 2. It is very important that he remembered this because it’s obviously scared him for life. 3. Of course it would be rendered useless because he lied about experiencing the Middle Passage. It’s like a slap in the face to the people that actually had experienced it.

Now not many of us understand how it was like to be born or abducted to be slaves. I know people have heard and read about how these poor innocent people were forced from their home country and commanded to do hard labor; but I don’t think they really actually understood the severity and harsh conditions these human beings underwent. Olaudah Equiano wrote this document of his journey through the Middle Passage to show people
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