Early and Present Leadership of the Democratic Republic of Congo

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As the topic suggests, my paper will be based on the early and present Leadership of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This paper will be based on the effect these regimes had on the social and economic standard of Congo. That is the focus will be on a timeline basis; how things evolved from the colonial era of Congo, to the post-colonial era and to the status quo. My reason for choosing these topic is, Congo can be considered as developing state or under developed state depends on what your personal view of the criteria’s that qualifies a state as a developing state or an underdeveloped state; unlike its western counterpart: example the United States, Great Britain and European states. Now the question is; could the under development of Congo be as a result in the poor leadership Congo have had in time past? Is Congo in the right part to archiving infrastructural development and increasing the social economic status? Can the present leaders do anything different to expedite development? Or are they moving at a good pace? These and more are questions that arises from a topic like this. By the end of this research paper, all the questions asked in the previous paragraphs will be answered, and also I will include some of my personal taught on what political modules Congo should adopt in order to foster its economy and social standard. This paper would not be complete without briefly looking at the history of Congo. Why is this important? A brief history will be the map to
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