Early childhood educators Essay example

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Froebel based his beliefs in teaching children on rationalism. He thought children could gain knowledge by logically thinking through concepts from a given premise. He started by giving his gifts and having the children work through them (Follari, 2011). An example of Froebel’s work can been seen through Kindergarten (Follari, 2011). Peabody Elizabeth Peabody opened the first English speaking kindergarten in Boston, MA in 1859(Follari, 2011). She also created the American Froebel Society to provide some regulations and originality of kindergarten programs. (Follari, 2011). Elizabeth Peabody was against the hands-on objects method of instruction. She liked individualized instruction instead. She thought children needed careful direction to develop properly (Follari, 2011). An example of her work is the acceptance of kindergarten as an accepted institution in U.S. education (Today, n.d.). Piaget During the 1970’s and 1980’s, Piagets theories inspired the transformation of European and American education (Follari, 2011). Piaget believed learning occurs as a result of experience, both physical and logical. He thought knowledge could not truly be formed until the learner has matured to the mental status that the learning is specified to. He believed that children made moral judgments based on their own observations of the world (Follari, 2011). Piaget’s theories were used in the developing of the
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