Earned Income Tax Case Study

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For many years low-income families have been stigmatized due programs destined to provide welfare. Most of the families that are in need of economic support undergo a scrutinized agenda, which most of the time, question by question undresses recipients by stripping their dignity. In my childhood we used something similar to food stamps. We were a family of 12 members, parents and 10 children. I remembered my mother crying full of anger and frustration when the government sent a letter saying: “Your case is under revision.” Even if “revision” looked like a positive reason (it could mean an increase of benefits), this meant checks would be delayed at least for two months… Two studies are present in this project. Temporary Assistance for Needy…show more content…
The rate of participants is high compared with other income support programs. Federal and State governments are trying to encourage feedback from recipient programs and involvement of qualified participants. According to Beecroft (2012), the Virginia’s IRS has initiated a campaign to improve outreach to individuals who can benefit from those services. Same program has been implemented to reach families located in New York and California. The Virginia government contracted a private agency to prepare mailing notices and perform phone calls to instruct qualified candidates to use EITC benefits. “This study makes two main contributions to existing research by providing: rigorous evidence on the impacts of low-cost outreach for the EITC, including a simple cost-benefit analysis; and more recent estimates of EITC take-up rates for recipients of public assistance, based on accurate data sources. This study also uses large sample sizes even though they are only for Virginia (a starting population of close to 500,000 households, including 225,000 EITC- eligible households) (Beecroft
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