Earnest Hemingway Essay

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Earnest Hemingway
     As one of the 20th century's most important and influential writers. His writings drew heavily on his own experiences for his writing. His writing reflected his trouble with relating to women and his tendency to treat them as objects, as he had four marriages and countless affairs, highlighting his theme of alienation and disconnection. Now here is why he is what he is by writing about what he was.
     Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899, in Oak Park, Illinois, to Dr. Clarence Hemingway and Grace Hall Hemingway. Oak Park was a mainly Protestant, upper middle-class suburb of Chicago that Hemingway would later refer to as a “town of wide lawns and narrow
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After only six months on staff at the Star, Hemingway resigned and attempted to enlist in the army, only to be rejected because of poor vision. Determined to get involved in the war, he joined the Red Cross and was shipped off to Italy as an ambulance driver. His first day on the job, a munitions factory exploded and he had to carry the bodies and body parts of the women who worked in the factory to a makeshift morgue. Only a few weeks later, as he was distributing chocolate and cigarettes to Italian soldiers in the trenches near the front lines, Hemingway was seriously wounded by fragments from an Austrian mortar shell which had landed only a few feet away. Hemingway claimed, despite over 200 pieces of shrapnel being lodged in his legs and being shot in the legs several times, he managed to carry a wounded soldier back to the
Schlusemeyer 3 first aid station. For this feat, he was awarded the Silver Medal for Valor by the Italian government. Because of his tendency to exaggerate his heroism in telling of his own feats, however, some believe that Hemingway may have changed some details about the event in retelling it or fabricated it altogether (Rozkis 235).
     After rehabilitating in Milan for a short time, Hemingway returned home and was celebrated as a war hero. He was nineteen
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