Earth Day Is An Annual Events That Happen

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Earth Day is an annual events that happen on April 22th in every year. It is a mark in the history, also the environment field. On April 22th, 1970, it woke everyone that human need to protect the environment they are living today (The History of Earth Day | Earth Day Network). This brought the caution to people that we need to aware the environmental concerns from now. The Earth Day can bring more knowledge and information to educate people. It also reminds people years and years that we need to do everything and protect the world we only have before it is too late. Forty-six years later, there are more and more countries, organizations, schools and others institutions join activities which help protect the environment. For instance, cut the electricity for an hour, planets more trees, and build up protect areas. The government also release many laws to enforce the protection such as Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. One case I heard before, in 2007, HSBC set up a Green Bank for the company. The Green Bank account can record the company’s carbon footprint. And which helps to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide by their company’s activity. At the end of the year, the company need to pay for their pollution. The theme of this projects, is help the our world and let people realize, the more we pollute right now, the more money we need to fixed in the future. As one of the people who is living in the same world, I decided to do my part to protect the environment, the
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