Earth, Empathy, and Ecofeminism: A New Approach to Motivating Change

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We are living in a world that is affected more and more each day by the issue of global climate change. It has been scientifically proven that human action greatly contribute to this issue. The problem that arises from this knowledge is that the majority of people who are most impacted by climate change are not the largest contributors to this phenomenon. This paper will examine how Western society’s actions have led to the degradation of the earth and its climate, and have negatively impacted communities around the globe. Westerners must use the concept of empathy as a source of motivation to change their actions that contribute to climate change. Only by truly understanding the situation of people around the world facing the negative impacts of climate change and empathizing with them, can we find the motivation to change our actions to slow down this environmental problem.
There are many environmental issues that scholars and scientists around the world are currently exploring and struggling with, but for the main environmental focus of this paper I plan on examining the phenomenon of climate change, its sources, and ways that it can be combated through the lens of Ecofeminist Theology and Psychology. By using ecofeminist views, I will develop how climate change disproportionately affects marginalized groups around the world, and then I will use the concept of empathy from the field of positive psychology as a means to motivate those most responsible for
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