Earth Have An Expiration Date?

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Earth have an expiration date? It just might. If we don 't do something to help our environment there will be no future generations. Our earth has been sending us warnings and distress signals for over forty years such as the collapse of the North Atlantic cod fishery which left thirty thousand people unemployed and seven hundred communities in poverty. In china water supplies are already scarce and not able to meet the needs of people, industries, and culture (Linden, pg.18). The following are some issues that are affecting our world today.
Our atmosphere provides us with crucial things that we cannot survive without; such as clean air and oxygen, a stabilized climate, and protection from ultraviolet solar radiation. Due to depletion of air branched from the industrial revolution and our endless improvements of technology our atmosphere is being depleted. On top of that, ozone depletion is becoming a big problem. When an ozone depletion occurs radiation emitted by the sun is able to enter our earth causing a lot of health issues such as skin cancer and cataracts. Currently, twenty percent of the ozone has been deteriorated (Gray, 2012). To prevent ozone depletion you can carpool or walk more, ride a bike, instead of driving and releasing fumes into our atmosphere.
Water pollution is another outcome of neglecting of our earth. Most water on earth is saline meaning it contains salt. Our oceans are absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere due…
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