Earth Is The Planet Of Earth

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If someone asked you what the earth was, the term ‘planet” or “celestial body” might come to mind, and those would both be an accurate response. If someone asked you what sets earth apart from the planets, one might answer that earth is the only planet in our solar system capable of sustaining human life, and again, you would be correct. Humans, in everyday experience, constantly see, feel, and otherwise interact with the planet of which we live, but scarcely do we take into consideration what features of the earth allow us to do so. In reality, we only know a tiny fraction of our planet, and the parts we can experience with our five senses, only scratches the surface of what the earth is made of. You might ask why the inside of the earth is of any importance, after all, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe are all on the surface, and once again you would correct, however some of the most imperative conditions of life on earth are so deep inside of the planet, we cannot truly understand them yet. The Layers of the earth could be best described as an apple, with each layer representing the crust, the flesh, and the core. Each layer is essential to life as we know it. The crust providing a habitable surface on which to live, the mantle providing most of the earth’s mass, and the outer and inner core providing the magnetic field, which allows our moon to circle the earth in an elliptical pattern. The Crust
The crust is outer most layer of…
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