Earth : Vertumnus And Pomona Essay

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Earth: Vertumnus and Pomona is an oil painting made by artist Francois Boucher in 1749. Francois received commission in 1748 from the Director of Royal Departments to paint four paintings that represented the four elements. In this picture, Vertumnus and Pomona are surrounded by flowers, trees, and fruit, which represents the Earth. Pomona, a beautiful nymph that lived in the forest and grew fruit trees, did not respond to men that tried to woo her. Demi – Gods Picus and Silvanus had both tried to come on to Pomona, but they then started to fight and Pomona fled. She then built a wall around where her trees grew to keep anymore male divinities from coming onto her. Then, Vertumnus then sees Pomona through her gate, and fell in love with Pomona. He tried to approach her but she bade him away. Vertumnus then dressed as an old woman to trick Pomona into letting him in, and then he put his moves on her. He told her, "Everything I heard about you made me think you were beautiful, but you are more beautiful than I thought." And then he kissed her. Francois depicts this myth in his painting, as Pomona is being caressed by Vertumnus dressed as an old woman. Francois also puts Cupid in this painting, as he is sitting in the corner holding a mask. He is holding this mask to warn Pomona that the old woman is not who she thinks it is, and that it is actually Vertumnus, and that Pomona needs to get away. This sexual desire that Vertumnus has for Pomona – a desire so strong that he

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