Earth from Space

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There are approximately 120 artificial satellites in space starting at a distance of 100 to 25,000 miles from the ground. There are many different types of Artificial Satellites, each with a distinct job. Some Artificial Satellites help predict the weather, while others gather information about the universe for organizations like NASA. Satellites can see things far beyond human vision; they transform things invisible to the naked eye into visible images.
These transformed images show how the sunlight, moisture, land and atmosphere react together to make life on earth possible. These insights help scientists relate between the planet and it's life. So, what exactly makes life? What are the essential components, which make life possible on this planet? Why do sand storms in the Sahara affect the amazon rain forest 5000 miles away? The video” Earth from Space” helps us understand the effects of forces on this planet.
It starts with the Sun, at a distance of 93 million miles away from the earth; it warms every inch on the surface. One of the newer satellites by NASA called "Suomi National Polar-orbiting" which was launched in 2011, orbits 500 miles away from ground. It enables us to see more substances. For instance, the spectrum is as long as the distance from New York to Los Angeles. In comparison, the visible region to the human eye would be the size of a dime. The…
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