Earth 's Impact On Earth

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Humans have changed the face of Earth from the moment they first arrived. We humans who rule the earth and live in the earth have changed in many ways; ever since we came we have had growth in population, impact has been greater. We cut down forests, emitting pollutants, spilling oil, burying toxic waste, dumping garbage in oceans. We have affected this earth in a very positive and a negative way ever since we arrived on this planet called earth. Let me take you on a journey of how humans have transformed over time. Before humans arrived on earth was a molten rock which took hundreds of years to cool down and then it rained for years which formed oceans and finally life started to form on earth. Earth began 4.6 billion years ago from the same cloud of gas (mostly hydrogen and helium) and interstellar dust that formed our sun. First organisms around 3.6 billion years ago were simple cells oxygen producing bacteria. Also many things happened during geological process such as crystallizing of molten rock and wearing a way of landmasses. Humans started arriving later and everything started to change. Humans arrived on earth 200,000 thousand years ago, time of climate change, modern humans (Homo sapiens) evolved in Africa. Like early humans, modern humans gathered and hunted food. They developed behaviors that helped them react to the challenges of survival. Around 40,000 years ago Humans become more modernized and they start moving out of Africa and towards Europe and Hunt and
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