Earthquake In Payette

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How would an earthquake affect us in Payette? Earthquakes are dangerous natural disasters that can cause a lot of damage. Sometimes, if an earthquake is powerful enough, it can destroy buildings and kill people. So how would one affect us?

Payette has a moderate earthquake risk. There is about a 19 percent chance of Payette having an earthquake in the next 50 years. There have been 5 earthquakes within a 30 mile radius of Payette in the last 50 years. The largest earthquake to ever be near Payette was rated a 3.7 magnitude in 1989.

An earthquake would not be felt until it reached about a 3.0 on the Richter scale. Anything under that will only be felt by few, if any people. Payette is unlikely to have an earthquake much greater than a 5.0
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