Earthquake Of The California On The San Andreas Fault Line

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Living in the California on the San Andreas Fault line is the dangerous place to live. Growing up as a child I’ve always remembered preparing for earthquake drills in school because you never knew when the big one would hit. This is something that is ingrained in me because we did it multiple times per year. I remember being a small child and waking to a big earthquake and having to hide in the doorway like I was taught which is very traumatizing because it’s something that stays with you. Along with the contest reminded at school. Growing up where a potential natural disaster happens can impact a person. The Indian Ocean Earthquake happened on December 26th, 2004. This was a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred under the Indian…show more content…
The resulting tsunamis release enough energy that was equivalent to 1500 times of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. This earthquake also set off changes of events that were felt a year late. The impact of this earthquake was linked to numerous aftershocks. These aftershocks were felt in the Andaman Islands and Nicobar Islands which was felt hours and days later. The Indian Ocean Earthquake was linked to the Sumatra earthquake in 2005 due to the stress changes that occurred on the plates. People who suffer from an earthquake can lose everything. Homes can be damaged and cause additional stress on the family and the providers for the family. There have been homes that have caught on fire because of an earthquake or even flooded because pipes bursting after an earthquake. The idea of losing everything is downright anxiety causing let alone actual losing all of your belonging due to a natural disaster can impact one 's anxiety. According to Mental health training experiences among Haitian healthcare workers post-earthquake 2010, “many people were suffering from trauma caused by the catastrophe earthquake” (Cianelli et all 2010). Trauma can impact how a person functions in their day to day life. When trauma is placed in front of a person it can impact how they think, and feel which can cause them to change their behaviors. These behaviors can affect their mental health state, increase their stress, add stress and pressure on
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