Earthquake Resistant And An Earthquake

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Earthquake Resistant Techniques The biggest issue in Christchurch is that it falls under an earthquake prone area and this is one of the biggest disadvantage for the development of the city. This is the rea-son that people are moving out from Christchurch to other parts of New Zealand and outsiders are reluctant to invest in Christchurch. Many big construction companies are trying to make the new structures earthquake resistant. The another field of innovation is making Earthquake Resistant fit outs for the interi-ors and the main focus of the company should be on performing the R&D of Earth-quake resistant fit outs. Introduction of such fit outs would be beneficial for the com-pany and will help the company to rise more in the current market position. This investment is involved in doing the R&D of these products and the fee of struc-tural consultants. Earthquake Resistant Design The first and foremost thing begins from the design of the building and the fit outs should be deigned in accordance with the design of the building The Interior Fit outs The Earthquake resistant fit outs are currently in use. These fit outs are being used in earthquake prone areas in the world. These include earthquake resistant ceilings systems such as plasterboard ceilings that are light in weight. The wall partitions used in this system should be having metal stud plasterboard. The HVAC systems are different here; Heated and chilled metal ceilings are used to eliminate the conventional
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