Earth's Atmosphere

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Earth's atmosphere is a unique reservoir of gases, the product of nearly 5 billion years of development. It sustains us and protects us from hostile radiation and particles from the Sun and beyond-the atmosphere serves as an efficient filter.When astronauts work in space, they must wear a bulky spacesuit that does everything to sustain and protect them that the atmosphere does for us all the time.Atmosphere is a gaseous mixture of ancient origin, the sum of all the exhalations and inhalations of life on Earth throughout time.
The principal substance of this atmosphere is air, the medium of life as well as a major industrial and chemical raw material. Air is a simple mixture of gases that is naturally odorless, colorless,
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Even though the atmosphere rapidly changes density in the homosphere - increasing toward Earth's surface - the blend (proportion) of gases is nearly uniform throughout the homosphere.The stable mixture of gases comprising air in the homosphere evolved slowly. The present proportion, which includes oxygen, evolved approximately 500 million years ago.
5.The homosphere is a vast reservoir of relatively inert nitrogen, originating principally from volcanic sources.Nitrogen is a key element of life, yet we exhale all the nitrogen we inhale.The explanation for this contradiction is that nitrogen integrates into our bodies not from the air we breathe but through compounds in food.In the soil, nitrogen is bound to these compounds by nitrogen-fixing bacteria, and it returns to the atmosphere by denitrifying bacteria that remove nitrogen from organic materials.The other main constituent gases are Oxygen, Argon and Carbon dioxide.Although it forms about one fifth of the atmosphere, oxygen forms compounds that forms half of Earth’s crust
Atmospheric Temperature Criterion
Shifting to temperature as a criterion, the atmosphere has four distinct temperature zones - the thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, and troposphere.
1.Thermosphere: we define the thermosphere ("heat sphere") as roughly corresponding to the heterosphere.The upper limit of the thermosphere is called the thermopause (the suffix -pause means
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