Earth's Crust Research Paper

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The crust is the outermost layer on the planet, Earth. According to geologist studies, four point four billion years ago the formation of Earth's crust developed. The crust, also known as the top layer, is the outermost layer of the planet. This is one of the four layers that make up the structure of Earth. The requirements of the top layer is to interact with the mantle to be a part of the geosphere. The crust itself is made of three main types, has two types of crust, and is split into parts. The crust, is composed of three different rock types. A variety of metamorphic, igneous, and mostly sedimentary rock is what the crust has developed into. Metamorphic rocks tell the temperature and pressure levels of the layer. Igneous rocks is formed from the cooling of magma from the other layers when touching the crust. The largest stones out of the three that contribute most are sedimentary. Sedimentary is made of the flowing of molten lava after many years and decayed fossils that broke down. Many believe igneous rocks make up most of the crust but that is proven to be sedimentary, because it is continuously increasing as the amount of animals and plants die off.…show more content…
The two objects that make up the earth on the surface is continents and ocean, so those are the factors that determine the type of crust. Continental crust is thicker, helps develop land masses, and has an older age than the oceanic crust. Oceanic crust consist of sediments covering basaltic rock that is younger in age. Typically, three to six miles is the average crust on the ocean floor and twenty to thirty miles deep is continental crust. The difference of depth between the two is so large because of the levels of
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