Earthship Research Paper

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Diving deeper into an Earthship has enlightened me to many things I was unaware of prior to my research. Although I knew how Earthships worked, and even some of the ways they didn’t, I didn’t realize the evolution and how far along Earthships have come. Although I still think Earthships are extremely cool homes, I began to questioning what makes them really any different than a regular off the grid home. I started to discover Earthships aren’t really any more environmentally friendly than any other house, opposed to my original belief. In our society today, we recycle most of our bottles, cans and tires, so they aren’t ending up in land-fills anymore. Also, materials like concrete aren’t environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, you can use other materials in an Earthship, like flagstone, that you couldn’t otherwise use in a traditional stick frame home. Earthships are uniquely built homes, which have the ability to rely solely on renewable resources. That being the case, the overall lifetime cost would still be lower than a traditional stick frame home. This is especially important to us during retirement to keep our overall cost of living low.…show more content…
That is, to be financially free during retirement and have the ability to grow much of our own food. By building an Earthship, using the proper methods, we could achieve this goal and have very little reoccurring utility bills. Contrary to what I had previously believed, I was surprised that the cost would be similar to building a regular stick frame home, I’ve discovered that using the aforementioned methods, like having volunteers help build, and doing much ourselves we would be able to have an extremely nice Earthship for about the same price as a regular stick frame
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