Earvin 'Magic' Johnson: A Brief Biography

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Earvin "Magic" Johnson Earvin "Magic" Johnson Jr. was born on August 14, 1959 in Lansing, Michigan. This is such a significant day in the history of basketball, because it is the day that arguably the greatest point guard in the history of basketball was born. He changed the game of basketball since he was so dominant with this big size and his amazing passes that would set up his teammates so efficiently. He is one of the greatest basketball players to play basketball and has set the most unbreakable records. Magic Johnson had an amazing passion for basketball. He started playing young and he would practice all day. He grew up watching Bill Russell since he was his favorite player, but he idolized players such as Earl Monroe and Marques Haynes and would practice so his game would resemble them. He became a dominant junior high player and that is when he started to think about having a future in basketball. Also growing up Magic Johnson took on racial confrontations because he moved to Everett High School which was mainly a white school. His teammates would ignore him during practice and not even pass him ball and he would get racial remarks thrown at him during games. Even though he had many troubles at his time playing basketball in high school, it didn't stop him from leading his team winning the state championship with a 27-1 record while averaging 28.8 points and 16.8 rebounds during his last season of high school basketball After high school, Magic Johnson decided
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