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m7 Module 7 Essay Questions 1) Describe how tooling is controlled in a part 145 maintenance organisation. Introduction Tool control within a part 145 maintenance organisation can be divided in two main areas, the control of company supplied tools and the individual control of their own personal tooling. Tool control is a part 145 requirement Safety Good tool control is essential to prevent any tooling from becoming a foreign object which might cause an obstruction, restriction or any other type of damage. Tools should be checked before use for serviceability and operators should be trained to use them to prevent damage to the aircraft and personnel. The whereabouts of all personal and company tools should…show more content…
Introduction and problems High intensity radiated field(HIRF) is produced by high energy systems located on ground and occurs at all frequencies. It affects any electronic and digital systems on the aircraft causing affected systems to operate erratically. HIRF enters the aircraft through any apertures, then enters the systems via gaps in the line replaceable units(LRU) or by cables picking up the HIRF. Once inside the fuselage resonance of the radiated filed can cause it to increase significantly. HIRF is most likely to occur on aircraft systems that have been in a cold soar condition. Aircraft and systems can be hardened HIRF by the design features stated below ; Design Features 1) Cables – The design of wire cables incorporate metal braids and twisted pair cables 2) Plugs and sockets – Different designs depending on the location of the plug and socket. Some may also incorporate shielding by using a mechanical connection of the cable braid to the metal plug/socket body. 3) Metal protected areas - Aluminium Honeycomb wall floor and ceiling panels – This are normally installed around the flight deck and electrical equipment bays. This is used to ensure that the whole area is encased in a “metal box”. This prevents the HIRF from getting through to sensitive equipments. 4) EMI Filters – By incorporating built in

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