Easiest Procedure For Verifying Account Related Details Of Citibank Essay

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Easiest Procedure To Verify Account Related Details Of Citibank
Even in the presence of technological advancements, if you depend on anyone to know about your bank account related details, it is not really good. Yes, if you are customer of Citibank, initially you need to register your mobile number as it is the initial step to access online account details retrieval. Yes, as soon as you create account, you are said to obtain eligibility to access net banking. As a customer of Citibank, you can access to SMS banking. SMS banking allows one to get multiple details through online in addition to availing facility to check account balance. As a result, you will become eligible to retrieve one time password, to check reward points and also to request for cheque book.
What Is The Mobile Number?
One has to send SMS to 9880752484 to get details.
What Are The Advantages Of SMS Banking?
People have to initially know about benefits of SMS banking so that, they will come to use those services.
• SMS banking will provide one to request bank details through mobile independent of time and location.
• It is really easy
• It requires SMS facility on your phone.
What Are The Differences Between Citibank and others?
In order to start accessing to SMS banking, one has to proceed with initial registration under bank. But as a customer of Citibank, you are very lucky as you no need to register initially.
What Are The Available Services?
Among number of services, people have to

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