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Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel (1858 -1913)

Rudolf Diesel (1858 -1913) https://media1.britannica.com/eb-media/35/8035-004-19694335.jpg
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The full essay title: Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel (1858 -1913)
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Introduction From the name Diesel on a first thought one may think of: Automobile, Engines, Fuel, Transport, Diesel brand which deals with clothing, shoes, perfumes. This is enough to have an idea of what this man has contributed to today’s society. Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel is a famous engineer indeed and his path towards fame and fortune wasn’t all rosy.

Early Life and Family Background Born on March 18, 1858 in Paris, France, Rudolf Diesel was the son of Theodor Diesel who was a leather worker, and Elise Strobel. Diesel’s parents were Bavarian Germans from Augsburg. During the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, the Diesel family had to be expelled from France which caused them to transfer to London. Young Rudolf Diesel was, however, was sent back to Augsburg by Theodor Diesel to continue the education at Munich Polytechnic, where Diesel studied engineering. Rudolf Diesel became excited by engineering as he visited the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts several times. Rudolf Diesel couldn’t graduate in his 1879 class due to typhoid, but this didn’t make him lose interest in what he loved the most. The following year, Rudolf Diesel graduated with flying colours in fields of Engineering. At Munich Diesel a student of the refrigeration engineer Karl Paul Gottfried von Linde. Diesel then went back to Paris, where, in 1880 he worked with Karl Paul Gottfried von Linde at his firm. In 1883, Diesel was married to Martha Flasche, had their sons Rudolf Jr. and Eugen, and their daughter Heddy.

Working Life(Career) Diesel and Linde designed and constructed a modern refrigerator as well as ice plant in 1880. A year later, Diesel became the director of the plant. Diesel was fascinated by the theoretical works of Nicholas Carnot, a French physicist who was the brain

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