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An Essay On Picnics
Picnics are a pleasant diversion. They break the monotony of life. They bring into one’s daily life a touch of variety. They carry us away from the world of our daily existence into a world that is different. They may be said to touch the prose of life with the charm of poetry. The release the springs of joy held down by the burden of duties and responsibilities. Hence they are often a refreshing tonic.

Picnics are of various kinds. One may have a picnic with one’s family. This is not very common in Indian households. Here domestic from the dreariness of perpetual domesticity. And yet perhaps it is likely to be the pleasantest. The relationship between parents and children, between brothers and sisters, too often becomes formal and lifeless. An outing in the open air, away from the well-marked conveniences that are so necessary to make existence smooth, is in the nature of a pleasant surprise it startles us out of our habitual routine; it bring out the very best in each of us; and we realize that we are human beings with distinctive personalities.

Another kind is picnic with friends. This is far more common with us. Students of school and colleges as well as members of clubs and institution often organize these
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The first stage is planning. Often this is the pleasantest. To discuss plans in advance creates happiness in anticipation. The selection of the place, of the party and of the nature of the outing gives ample scope for discussion and argument, and makes things lively. But it becomes botheration if there is too much planning, too much attention to every detail. The joy of a picnic often lies in the discovery that something has been left behind, something has not been provided for. The ingenuity of individual members is taxed and to devise ways and means to get over the difficulty adds much to the relish of this situation. It is no use carrying to a picnic the well-ordered self-sufficiency of the
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