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According to a recent survey, more than twenty millions Americans indulge in yoga practices, making it one of most popular forms of exercise. Yoga revives and rejuvenates your health, but so do other exercises. So, where is the difference? Many health experts believe that our perceptions are biased about yoga. In fact, a controversial story that appeared in New York Times in 2012 suggested that some people got seriously injured and a few even died owing to the injuries caused due to the wrong practice of yoga. According to the world’s leading yoga researchers, the effects of yoga on our health are diverse. Yoga won’t hurt you if practiced properly. Yoga gives you relieve from lower back pain, improve strength and flexibility and reduce inflammation…show more content…
But these groups always have small number of participants, so the effects were difficult to ascertain. Studies about the effects of yoga on human health is tricky indeed. The healing effect is at times due to the effect of medicines. At times, people don’t know what intervention (medicines) they are receiving along with yoga that is boosting their health. Yoga is a combination of asanas (poses and postures), pranayama (regulated breathing), meditation and relaxation. Many yoga classes combine other elements as well that include chanting, heating, music etc. There are variations in style and teaching quality as well. There are various types of yoga and the poses and style vary in each type. For instance, Iyengar and Hatha yoga are mostly made up of stretches and restorative poses, while vinyasa and ashtanga tend to be more rigorous and athletic. Again, you do not sweat while practicing Yin yoga. You can hold the pose for longer periods without sweating. Bikram yoga, on the other hand has 26 postures that are repeated twice in a room that must be heated at 105 degrees. So, you can imagine how you’ll get drenched in

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