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Essay on Education This essay will discuss to what extent can education overcome social inequality? Social inequality means the lack of social equality, whereby individuals in society differ in equal social status. This could be in so many ways such as, racism; sexism; ageism; disability; social class; income levels; and sexuality; but social class; income level and poverty are the main factors. Social inequality takes place as principles and power is combined together in order to make some individuals better or poorer then others. Education is an important factor in our life’s in order to successed and makes better living for ourselves. Anthony Giddens notes that social class affects everyone Education is a social institution…show more content…
Although in theory, education is equal for all, no matter what their background is, in practice it can reproduce existing inequalities and legitimize acceptable ideas which works to reinforce the positions of the privileged groups. Education to some degree works by maintaining the status quo, where working class students become working class adults and middle class students become middle and also upper class students. This cycle occurs and is maintained because the dominant group has aligned education with the norms, values and ideas of the middle class and as a result leading to the alienation of working class and lower class people. Most teachers also assume that students have a middle class attributes, ideas and experiences at home, however this is not true for most students who are expected to help out their parent(s) who are mainly lone parent at home. This domestic labour makes it hard for them to find time to do their homework’s and therefore this affects their academic performance. Also many working class students don’t see the direct link between the subject they are studying and their perceived future in the labour market; this leads them to display anti-school values. No matter what their ability or their desires to learn are, students from poor families have very little chance of securing success. On the other hand, for middle class and upper class students maintaining their privileged positions requires very little effort, and their future

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