East Asia Research Paper

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East Asia consists of the countries China, Japan, Taiwan, Mongolia, North Korea and South Korea. China takes up the most land mass, occupying four-fifths of the region. East Asia features an assorted arrangement of environments with subarctic forests to the north, tropical rainforests to the south, towering mountain ranges to the west, arid deserts in the heartland and monsoon drenched coastal areas. It’s two major rivers, the Yellow and the Yangtze, flow down onto the fertile plains of eastern China. The northern area of the region is mostly arid with cold and dry winters while much of the west is covered in a permanent layer of snow and ice. The majority of East Asia’s population reside in the easternmost part of the territory, which…show more content…
Many of the nation’s bordering countries have been influenced in some way by China, whether culturally or politically. Although Japan lacks in natural resources, they have proven to be successful in the realm of consumer goods. In response to a high demand from an increasing modernizing population, Japanese products flooded domestic as well as foreign markets, boosting the economy. However, after years of famine, China’s industry took off and with the advantage of natural resources, demand of Chinese made products surpassed Japan. China’s booming economy has arrived with a steep environmental cost and little regulation over factory emissions has made China’s cities into some of the most polluted places on Earth. China’s neighbors have borrowed heavily from Chinese culture, adapting their town plans, building styles, legal models and writing systems into their own. Buddhism, though originating in India, matured in China and diffused to Japan. Confucianism, a philosophy that originated in China, greatly influenced Korean society. East Asia is home to numerous people groups including, but not limited to the Han Chinese, the Japanese, Koreas, Mongols, Tatars, Kazakhs, Kyrgrz, Uyghurs and the
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