East Asian Films And Its Impact On The Middle Asian Cultures

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East Asian films offered a glimpse into a world I had never seen; a world that appeared different from my own background, but nevertheless intrigued me. A simple anime show led to the discovery of Korean dramas, and resulted in the culmination of a Korean minor five years later. Although I lacked the financial resources to actually travel, film served as my first exposure to different East Asian cultures. I would be remiss if now, as a student at Georgetown University, I did not take the opportunity to explore a region I have always revered. My Korean minor has enabled me to move beyond the dominant Western framework of my two majors, Justice & Peace Studies and Government.
This program will be one step of many towards my goal to be not only an education policy advocate, but also a future Political Science professor. According to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, about 4% of professors are black in the United States, but less than 1.5% are black women. I have never had the opportunity to take a political science course from any woman or person of color. I have experienced in depth discussions of Western Europe and sweeping generalizations of the politics in Asia and Africa. A global leader loves and respects all people and is passionate about doing so. Global leaders look beyond their own community and educate themselves on the obstacles of well being affecting the world as a whole. This experience will allow me to teach political…
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