East Asian Tigers

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Krista Bruns SSC 141a Assignment 3 British English Can one tame a tiger? - The extensive growth of South East Asian Economies - Introduction A tiger economy is a name given to a region or country which undergoes a heavy and fast economic growth. This usually also leads to rising living standards. This term was first applied to South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Since the 1960's, these four countries are known as the East Asian Tigers. Later on more Tiger Economies emerged, but this essay will focus mainly on the first four. Even though the countries do not share their borders, together they can be considered as an economic region, for they share a lot of characteristic and they have gone to similar…show more content…
Because of the high population density in these countries, stock space is really small and therefore Just-in-Time delivery has risen to become very important over the past few years. In order to accomplish this, infrastructure must be of a real high value and traffic problems must be minimalized. In Singapore, for example, the authorities have implemented restricted car used. To enter the restricted central zone, drivers have to buy a license, which they can only make use of during certain hours on certain days. Singapore being a country with one of the highest vehicle densities in the world, this is necessary to avoid huge traffic jams. The second aspect that East Asian governments have been focusing on is education. While their unskilled labour forces were getting more expensive and they thus had to outsource these activities to lower-waged countries, the population had to do something in order to maintain their high living standards. Due to these investments in especially higher technical education the Tiger economies now have a highly skilled labour force and they will continue to invest more into this. The East Asian Tigers have a great labour force, formed by men as well as women, and because of the high growing rates there is also a low and decreasing unemployment rate. The tigers used to expel because of their cheap labour force, but due to the rising living standards, most low skilled work is now being done somewhere else. Economic sectors,
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