East Asian Union : The World Trade Organization

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East Asian Union Since the last century, each country had begun to understand the importance of the cooperation. Consequently, The European Union [EU] was established in November 1, 1993. After that, other European countries became the member of the EU to promote the development of the whole Europe. Currently, the US, the only superpower country in this planet, is still looking for the assistance with the EU and Japan, South Korea and etc. The establishment of the World Bank, the World Trade Organization verifies the significance of the cooperation as well. Hence, for the future of globalization in East Asia, East Asia countries should set up an East Asian Union to guarantee the growth of all East Asia countries as well as to counteract…show more content…
Both of Japan and China have the long history and outstanding cultures, if they can cooperate with another, they can gain more benefits than simply involving in the war. Another conflict is the Korean pop culture invasion. Actually, Chinese culture has various excellent aspects including the painting, the philosophy, the language and etc. However, the influx of the Korean pop culture has the tendency to swallow up the Chinese traditional culture. There are million stalwart fans of the EXO and the Girl Generation, the representatives of the Korean pop culture band. In contract, a decreasing number of Chinese teenagers are losing the interest in the local culture and the long-standing Chinese history is fading from their memory. Honestly, there are few outdated and inferior features of contemporary Chinese culture. However, this cannot be the reason for the teenagers to completely abandon the Chinese culture. People should find out the drawbacks of the present-day culture and then to fix these limitations to secure the Chinese culture to keep making the progress. This undeniable that there are a lot of conflicts among these East Asian countries. However, each East Asian country should consider the long-term benefits. The establishment of the East Asian can promote the international competitiveness of each East Asia country so that they can gain more these world and they no longer need to fear the hegemony of the West. The East Asian Union not
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