East Cleveland Disaster Scenarios

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The Disaster The disaster chosen for East Cleveland is a power outage due to a serious winter storm. This is labeled as a natural disaster because it is predictable, in a sense, to how much snow was coming (Maurer & Smith, 2013). There is more snow to come per the forecast in the next week and the plows and salt trucks cannot keep up. There has been no power for 3 days, and the need to evacuate is being determined by the City because of the potential for more snow, and people are starting to panic Scope and Intensity of the disaster. The scope of the disaster is the “lake effect” area. This is the part of Ohio near Lake Erie. The scope is the geographical area that becomes impacted by the disaster (Maurer & Smith, 2013). Therefore, it is…show more content…
The effects of the community at first was normal. People were shoveling their snow, with that included snow related injuries. Some people have heart conditions due to shoveling, others hypothermia, but nothing that East Cleveland has not seen before. After day 2 with no power, with no turn on communicated from the electric company, due to so many power outages, and the weather being so detrimental, the community is starting to panic. Some people have had their roofs cave in, others cannot start their vehicles. Hospitals in the area are treating many victims for hypothermia and some deaths related to the cold. People are running out of wood for their fireplaces and most people did not have any emergency packs created for possible disasters like this. Immediate health impacts on people in the community. Health impacts are getting worse as the days go on. People are running out of food. Generators at local supermarkets are running low. People are starting to have mental health breakdowns, due to the stress. People are experiencing hypothermia, babies and children are getting too cold as well. People are ready to evacuate, but do not know how to get out of their homes. Some are trapped

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