East Cooper Community Outreach Program

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East Cooper Community Outreach The project I have chosen for my leadership project is the East Cooper Community Outreach program. This program is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1989 to assist victims after Hurricane Hugo. East Cooper Community Outreach, also known as ECCO, offers assistance to the many people in Mount Pleasant living at the poverty level, also known as the “working poor.” ECCO is vital to the community and we will learn about this organization’s origin and the significant ways it has contributed to the residents of East Cooper. As a single mother who became divorced in the year of 2001, I found myself with no working skills and no career prospects. My ex-husband suffered from substance abuse and he basically left my daughters and I completely stunned. I was not aware at this particular time of the ECCO organization or any other assistance program for that matter. As a result, we struggled but we did survive. I feel very connected to this organization because I believe the purpose it serves is invaluable to the community and that it is a lifeline to those who are sinking, hopeless and approaching homelessness. ECCO was founded in 1989 after the devastation of Hurricane Hugo left so many residents in despair. After the storm, Monsignor James Carter, of Christ our King Catholic Church, realized the need for assistance to those whose lives had been turned upside down by the storm. Several other churches joined with Christ our King to work within
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