East Granby High School Case Study

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At East Granby High School, there are no honor codes or a system that would cultivate integrity and prevent cheating and plagiarizing. This is troubling because cheating and plagiarizing play a large role in the school’s community. For example, some teachers have had to make different versions of tests to prevent cheating in the classroom. By establishing a system in which students would have to sign a statement ensuring that they would not cheat, steal, or plagiarize on any of their assignments at the beginning of each quarter, the community as a whole would benefit through the maintaining of the honesty of more of the student body. Even though honor codes would not eliminate dishonorable behavior entirely, the act of signing a statement would make those who cheat or plagiarize understand the reality of their actions. Furthermore, the principles within the system could explain the punishments that would be administered for the violating of the established code. The student body at East Granby High School would benefit from the formation of an honor system that would provide rules that made it clear that cheating, stealing, and…show more content…
A board to enforce and revise the honor system could be put in place as well. Many research studies have shown that schools with honor codes have less cheating than those who do not have one in place. Technology makes cheating easy, although it doesn’t mean an honor code wouldn’t help to provide a moral guilt in the mind of students who think to cheat and even prevent it. Criticisms of honor codes are the minority opinion due to the known effectiveness of the codes, which is why, along with many other reasons, East Granby High School should establish an honor
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