East-Midland English

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A project in theoretical phonetics of English

Shcherbakova Natalia, group 01

1.Introduction 2.English in East Midlands 1.Vowels 2.Consonants 3.Word Stress 4.Sentence rhythm and intonation 3.Conclusion 4.List of references

Introduction East Midlands, general facts
The East Midlands, in its broadest sense, is the eastern part of central England (and therefore part of the United Kingdom as well).

The East Midlands covers three major landscape areas: The relatively flat coastal plain of Lincolnshire, the river valley of the Trent, the third largest (and longest) river in England, and the southern end of the Pennine range of hills in Derbyshire.
The second of these contains several large cities: Nottingham,
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Lincolnshire also has a marked north south split in terms of accent. The north shares many features with Yorkshire, such as the open a sound in "car" and "park" or the replacement of take and make with tek and mek. The south of Lincolnshire is close to Received Pronunciation, although it still has a short Northern a in words such as bath. In Northamptonshire, crossed by the North-South isogloss, residents of the north of the county have an accent similar to that of Leicestershire and those in the south an accent similar to rural Oxfordshire. The town of Corby in northern Northamptonshire has an accent with some originally Scottish features, apparently due to immigration of Scottish steelworkers. It is common in Corby for the GOAT set of words to be pronounced with . This pronunciation is used across Scotland and most of Northern England, but Corby is alone in the Midlands in using it

East Midlands accents are generally non-rhotic, instead drawing out their vowels, resulting in the Midlands Drawl, which can to non-natives be mistaken for dry sarcasm. Old and cold may be pronounced as "owd" and "cowd" (rhyming with "loud" in the West Midlands and "ode" in the East Midlands), and in the northern Midlands home can become "wom". The West Midlands accent is often described as having a
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