East Of Eden Directed By Elia Kazan

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The 1955 dramatic film, East of Eden, directed by Elia Kazan, is a movie adaptation of the popular book written in 1952. Throughout this drama, moviegoers embark on a journey through various thematic topics such as the idea of good vs evil, the importance of repentance and redemption, and the human ideal of free will. For example, multiple characters in the film are split into two categories: those who are naturally good and those who are naturally evil. With this idea, characters either act how they are born or act on their free will to be who they want to be. The film employs a wide cast of talented actors who bring all their characters and roles to life. The main character, Cal Trask, however is played by probably the most famous actor of the bunch, James Dean, who plays it awesomely. Cal’s character is supposed to be of someone who is always internally troubling and confused and James easily shows this in this role. Richard Davalos, plays the character of Aron, Cal’s brother, with absolute beauty as well. Aron, in the book, is supposed to represent what is good and innocent and Richard shows this characteristic evidently in his acting style. The father of Cal and Aron, Adam, is then played by Raymond Massey who is able to tie the story together very well. Raymond’s acting in being constantly angry and disappointed in Cal is what allows James to bring out the light in Cal since Adam has a huge effect on Cal’s character in the story. Another major character is

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