East Rock Community Magnet School

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The teacher I interviewed for this project was a fifth-grade teacher, Mr. Keith Wolkovitz. This teacher has been teaching at East Rock Community Magnet School for his entire career of eleven years. East Rock Community Magnet School is a Title I school in the New Haven School District. The school has a very diverse population and over 90% of the students qualify for the free-reduced lunch program. As a Title I school, the school is also mandated by the state to implement certain remedial interventions to improve students’ academic scores.

During our interview, Mr. Wolkovitz described most of the at-risk students at East Rock Community Magnet School as a student “who is struggling in one or more aspect of learning”. This response is seemingly broad, however, I believe that he would define an at-risk student as being someone that is academically behind the other students in at least one content area: mathematics, reading, writing, science or social studies. Mr. Wolkovitz also suggested that the students receiving special education services are also included in his definition of an at-risk student. This response seems quite appropriate considering the grade level of students that Mr. Wolkovitz works with. Students do start showing some signs of being at-risk in elementary school; however, most of the early warning signs are centered on their academic performance. Younger students are not as likely to be truant, engaged in risky or criminal behavior, or have family…
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