Easter Island Effect

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Easter Island
What happened to Easter Island?

Oliver Kirby - 14 November 2017 Easter Island

My name is Oliver Kirby and I am a historian. For many years now I have been deeply invested in the study of South American and Polynesian history. The magazine ‘The Good Weekend’ approached me with an opportunity to write an article discussing the rise and expansion of Easter Island and then its decline. I will also be discussing if what happened to Easter Island is a microcosm of what might happen to the rest of the world.
Brief History Of Easter Island:
Geologically, Easter Island is one of the youngest inhabited territories on the earth. Its inhabitants, the Rapu Nui, have endured epidemics or disease, famines, slave raids, civil war, cannibalism, and have seen their population crash on more than one occasion. Easter Island is famous for its statues, the Moai. Easter Island is a Chilean territory located in the south eastern Pacific Ocean. It has a population of six thousand and has an area of 163.6 km2 .Easter Island is famous for its 200 stone statues. The Moai as they’re known were made by the local people from basalt stone picks and hard volcano ash. They were made to show remembrance to their gods and ancestors. I will be exploring what caused the downfall of Easter island.

Rise, expansion and fall of Easter Island:

Easter island has been called ‘the best historical example of a society collapsing’. From roughly 700 to 1400 Easter Island flourished; they had a stable
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